Sunday, December 27, 2009

Between Holidays

Christmas was lovely. I had a late lunch with my host family. I should say I had a mid-afternoon feast with my host family. There were almost as many courses as there were people. Emanuela prepared funghi, tuna, and salmone spread; tortrllini soup; arancia beef, mela pork, and chicken con salsa verde; spinace and patatine; and I don't know how many desserts. Afterwards we opened presents. Iside (the dog) received the most and they were all destroyed within an hour. It was an adorable destruction though.
Since Christmas I have really just been reading, attempting to cook, and walking around aimlessly in Cascine Park. I found an in-ground amphitheatre. It's beautiful and nice for sitting or pretending to perform in a play...In the park there is also a horse racing track. I don't think I'm allowed in, but there is a door which is always open, and no one is ever around or inside, so...
Florence was crowded this evening, as I'm sure it will be for another week. I went to see a film at the Odeon: Io & Marilyn. It was slapstick enough for me to understand and I learned a few new Italian phrases, so I am satisfied.
I signed up for a half marathon in Vienna. It will be a nice, though strenuous way, to see the city. It is not until April, which gives me more time to prepare than I had for the Firenze Marathon. Phew.
A presto.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nuovo Appartamento

This place is very classy. High ceiling, wood floor, large windows. I love it. I just can't get too used to it because I move again in a month. I'm still not sure where, but somewhere in the center of the city.
The main differences between apartment life and my homestay:
1. The food is not as good when I make it
2. I now clean after myself and do my own laundry : )
3. I walk less, eat more nutella, and drink more wine
4. Work is sooooo much closer
5. No one says "buonanotte" to me anymore
6. I'm much louder
7. I don't have to run from the shower to my room clutching my towel about me, hoping my host brothers have their doors closed
8. No more dog hairs all over my clothes
9. No more dog to love
10. I could go on for a while...
Buon Natale and happy holidays everyone! The Germans are coming soon. : )

Friday, December 18, 2009


Again, I am sorry that I haven't posted in so long. Finals...well they're finals and that is my only excuse. The good news is that I think I did really well. The bad news is that the semester is now over and I have to say goodbye to my host family and all the friends I have made. I'm supposed to sing tonight in a "concert" organized by my Italian teacher. The Beginner classes are joining forces to sing for the rest of the school. I really want to go, but I might have to work late tonight. I really shouldn't call it work anymore. Yesterday Nerina and I painted Christmas pictures with watercolors and then we danced in the kitchen with our socks on. Is this work? And last week my job was to accompany her on a train to Rome to see her dad (my expenses covered) and I had a few hours to spare before catching the next train back to Florence. I went to an Alexander Calder exhibit and saw the Colosseum again...again, I hate my life. Allora, I move into my new apartment today. I should have internet and will probably update more often since I will have less to update about--if that makes sense. I have accumulated so many things since moving here, mostly books, and I don't know how simple moving is going to be. Hopefully I don't live up too many flight of stairs, because most apartments in Italy do not have elevators.

My plan is to walk around Florence tonight and take pictures of all of the pretty lights. Every street has a different motif. Ciao ragazzi. Buon Natale!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Family Christmas Card 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fair Verona

Verona: a city of children and dogs. In Florence, I sometimes wonder where all the children have gone--now I know. They are all in Verona, running through the streets with hot chocolate in their hands. They are able to accomplish this without (for the most part) spilling because Italian hot chocolate is really just a melted hunk of chocolate and is as thick as a jar of nutella!

The dogs were also numerous, and the breeds were so various that one moment I was worried about stepping on a little toy terrier or Chihuahua and the next I was worried about being stepped on myself by some Newfoundland or St. Bernard.

But this is not why I came to Verona. I came to see the Casa di Giulietta, which I did. The tunnel leading up to Juliet's house was plastered in love notes and love graffiti and packed with people. I had to wait in a pretty long line to touch Juliet's right breat for good luck. Thes rest of my two day stay consisted of walking, a little hiking, and some stunning panoramic views of the city. I will let the pictures speak for themselves

Today is the Feste di Immaculata (The Immaculate Conception), so no school. For now I will get some homework done and later I am scheduled to help my boss purchase, carry, and decorate a Christmas tree. My host mama made us hot chocolate this morning. This is the best Immaculata ever!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Marathon Pictures